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CannaMask™ Disposable Face Masks - 2000 count

CannaMask™ Disposable Face Masks - 2000 count

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  • Our single-use 3-ply industrial-grade face masks create a two-way protective barrier. Superior contamination protection protects your employees while protecting your product.

  • Each latex-free, odorless mask comes with an adjustable nose-piece for a more secure fit. The elastic ear loops stay on comfortably for extended periods of time. 

  • The material is ultra-soft, lightweight, and breathable. Perfect for all-day safety!

Masks are a necessary part of your business. Whether it’s trimming, defoliating, harvesting, or working with bulk materials, you have to protect your employees from small air-borne particles while protecting your product from bodily fluids like sweat. That’s where our CannaMasks come in.

We know your employees have to wear masks all day, so we made them comfortable and reliable. The adjustable nose piece and elastic ear loops keep a close fit and prevent slipping. The ultra-soft, ultra-breathable fabric is easy to wear for long periods of time, all without sacrificing protection. Our 3-play industrial grade CannaMasks will keep kief out and sweat in.

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